Lent, Part 1: Slow Start, Reboot

Here’s what I said I would do for Lent…

  1. Fast on Fridays. Meaning, after dinner on Thursday until Saturday breakfast, nothing but coffee, water, or tea. That’s about 35-40 hours of intermittent fasting. Catholics were doing this intermittent fasting thing way before it became trendy in 2019. It’s been two Fridays and I’ve done this.
  2. A decade of the Rosary each night with my son. Luckily, my son is far more disciplined than I am, so I’ve done this. I can’t lie. At least twice when he said, “want to go pray the Rosary,” I nearly said, “how about 2 decades tomorrow.” But I didn’t. Again. Catholics. Totally were onto something with the meditation thing when they invented the Rosary.
  3. Blog every day. Here’s day-1 (even though we’re 11 days into Lent).
  4. Exercise for 40-minutes every day (5 of 6 days …not too good).


I think if you put the above into a spreadsheet and analyzed the results, I’m having about a 55% success rate. Will I ever be valedictorian of Lent? No. Because even if, starting today, I consistently do everything above for the rest of Lent, I won’t get to 100% (unless I Blog twice in a day and exercise for 60-minutes and make up the gap, but that would require some really, really intense math …maybe I’ll ask my brainy son to work on that).

Here’s the point – if at first you don’t succeed …try, try again. Hmmm. I should write that down. I’m pretty sure I invented that quote. Life ain’t “all or nothing.” We should remember that. Nobody …and I mean nobodyis perfect. Even if they appear to be, it’s only what they want you to see.

Task complete. I Bloggded. I invented a quote about “trying” and “succeeding”. And I’m also gonna share that I’m obsessed with Alanis Morissette’s new song.


2 Comments on “Lent, Part 1: Slow Start, Reboot

  1. Always a great read, Don. Thanks, good Lenti-ing — and have a great weekend. JGS

  2. ps — oops — there’s an extra “i” there. Should be “Lent-ing” 🙂

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