Things I Did: Bought a Book Entitled “Achieve Anything in Just One Year”

I bought this book called Achieve Anything in Just One Year: Be Inspired to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals by Jason Harvey. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a very different approach, and I like it.

Essentially, you brainstorm a bunch of goals, like “write a book” or “run a marathon” or “learn guitar” or “launch a business” and then he gives you daily tasks with the idea that, if you do the one thing he asks you to do every day, you’ll achieve the thing you want to do.

I’m on Day 5. It’s not easy, but I’m looking forward to where he pushes me, the reader.

Good book and I’d recommend you buy it. Kinda tough to check-out of the library because you’ll need it for 365 days. My library only lets me keep things for a few weeks.

I’ll probably tell you about what I’m doing every day on Twitter if you want to follow-along @donkowalewski.


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